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The final battery connection keeps plans for Ford’s electric car, VW on the road


American car manufacturers are simply avoiding the subject, which can be overwhelming. The program of Economic Times reports Korean battery makers LG and SK have he arrived last-minute stability in the intellectual war that could have wreaked havoc on Ford and VW’s plans to launch EVs in the US. SK is facing an impending ban on the US International Trade Commission over the theft of LG technology, which could cut off SK’s batteries in Georgia. This should keep the manufacturer’s plans in check.

President Biden should have considered considering ignoring the ITC election if he wanted to protect batteries without stability. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Ford and VW would have had time to change vendors if LG and SK had not discussed the deal. However, there is a problem they may not want to face. Both are in the process of redesigning their EV plans, as well as expanding to create original colors like Mustang Mach-E and Note. 4 as well as adding more of their lineups. Struggling to get new batteries could result in the plans being kept for several months, not to mention Tesla’s chances of advancing.


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