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Microsoft says it is about to buy a well-spoken giant Nuance


Discord may not be just Microsoft the main purpose of acquisition since recently. Bloomberg sources says Microsoft is in “high-profile negotiations” to acquire Nuance-speaking technology giant for $ 16 billion. While there is no guarantee that the move will continue, negotiations have progressed enough for the two to announce a deal this week.

We asked Microsoft and Nuance to comment.

They also said they did not say why Microsoft wanted to get Nuance. Shopping can offer a number of advantages, however. Nuance is well-known for its AI-speaking capabilities, and Microsoft is able to integrate all AI tools (including customer) into its products. The potential relationship can also result in oil Microsoft’s goals for health. The company has already worked with Nuance on Cloud for Healthcare and other services, including one that could turn doctor-patient conversations into medical records.

This would not be a threat to some of the things that the Nuance people look up to in public, such as its Snake Everywhere voice program. It would not be surprising if Microsoft considered the software, however, do not be surprised if it repairs or eventually benefits from other Microsoft software and services.


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