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The FIA ​​has released a GT electronic ‘car’ group


FIA has done revealed a new group of GT automotive electronics is aimed at forcing manufacturers to develop batteries, chargers and other high-end high-speed automotive products. The cars will ride at 430 kW (577 horsepower) and use 87 kWh batteries with 700 kW charging and regen tech. This will allow them to regain their energy by 60% “within a few minutes during the break,” according to the FIA.

The GT3 power supply unit will be very similar to the GT3 speed in terms of working envelope and speed (500 horsepower and 200 MPH). However, the FIA ​​(which regulates Formula 1 and Formula E) stated that GT electric vehicles “will outperform their counterparts using a combustion engine in a fast and efficient environment.”


Manufacturers will be involved in the production of Electric GT vehicles, but the FIA ​​is also using common components to reduce the cost. To achieve this, OEMs can make their own buttons, but lithium-ion bag cells are supplied by Saft, a battery company possession and Total oil giant.

Another way the FIA ​​is planning to regulate funding is to allow manufacturers to modify GT3’s internal combustion planets. “Manufacturers who are already committed to the GT3 … should be able to take advantage of the design and layout of their existing vehicles and convert them into electricity,” according to FIA.

GT3 cars are often modified from road-approved vehicles such as Products, as well as sharp rear wings and other tweaks to keep the force at bay. GT electric vehicles have shared this, judging by the photos released by the FIA. Other recordings include four electric vehicles, four-wheel drive- or four-wheel drive and a time of approximately 0-62 MPH of approximately 2.4 seconds.

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