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Don’t underestimate the problem of building a PC


Sounds like a new shimmer who soon came out told me Evil is happening. Malawi suddenly exploded next to a computer that I had just helped my brother build. I screamed for the plug. Removed from electric power. Dry smoke filtered through the room and the dogs escaped the stench. After watching and breathing, still with the electric cord in his hand, my brother said, “This is what I’m afraid of.” When you make a PC, a lot can get messed up.

This was my brother’s first arrest, and I laughed at him when he asked me to come and look after him. “It’s like Legos,” I told him. “It’s not that hard.” Then his computer caught fire, because the PC house is not the same as the Legos. As my brother quickly learned (and I was reminded) one bad part can damage a PC, making it more expensive and flexible.

But right now the PC house is on sale to consumers as a fun part of the journey to PC games. It is becoming a well-known habit. Movies like Henry Cavill their livestream is building, and people line up for hours, winter cold, plague, just to get a chance to buy the necessary parts. The lack of CPU, GPU, and RAM seems to have only made PCs more attractive to newcomers, and Reddit sub / r / buildapc has benefited more one and a half million subscribers last year. NZXT, One of the biggest names in PC cases and its components, has also seen growth. CEO Johnny Hou told me that there are still interesting and creative people like me who love to change the hardware and enjoy the construction work, but have been joined by “a new team of PC gamers interested in accessing high-speed computer games.” Companies like NZXT are trying. to make the PC easier for newcomers, but some of the PC computer components still rely on more than just picking the “best features”.

“I hear people call it the big Legos. For me it’s like building IKEA chairs,” says Erin Maiorino. He is a marketer at AMD and a big part of his job is building PCs and talking to AMD’s fanbase about what he’s building and the games he plays on them. and it says PCs take a lot of trial and error.That’s why they like to compare IKEA so much.IKEA chairs can be difficult to install the first time, but in building your third IKEA house you have taken a few tricks that make the wearer or table easier and easier.He is not wrong I spent a long time telling my brother that it was like Legos, but Legos has clear instructions and the same parts.My brother had half the building he built. Select PC, and the few remaining fans and SSDs I had in the box in my room.

PCPartpicker, and other applications such as NLD BLD, was designed to make construction easier. It lets you select all the components you want and see if they can work together. The BLD also describes how other games will be successful in the future. But all of this work still gives the impression of the “big Legos” of PC construction, and the problem with making a PC is that there are a lot of failures. Like you go to the store and buy a PC and if it dies, just return it to the store to find a new one. If you build your PC and find a bad RAM stick, or an old SSD catches fire and starts to crash, you need to put in more leg work to get things back on track. My brother’s PC, for example, started unraveling new problems and had few answers. Unlike me personally, they do not have a long history of professional or technical support. The tricks I learned to build PCs from college didn’t just stay in his brain and prepare to be sent as he was a miner. I help her deal with problems when I can, but it can be time consuming and I am not always available.


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