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The EU and the US are ready to resolve an Airbus-Boeing trade dispute 17 years later

The EU and the US are ready to resolve a 17-year-old dispute over aviation, and remove the multi-billion dollar risk in their economic transactions to support transatlantic integration.

Diplomats and officials confirmed Monday night that two days of intense negotiations in Brussels had left the EU with Biden officials at the core of the bond on Airbus and Boeing support regulations. The victory is due to end Tuesday at the first EU-US summit in Joe Brusen in Brussels.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Airlines with three EU member states – Germany, France, and Spain – are being asked to sign a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday morning.

The agreement, which could be disrupted, should be a mid-term agreement between the fundraisers, people said in a statement.

The upgrade will raise the uncertain cloud hanging over the airline and also eliminate the risk that EU and US assets could be reimbursed for the costs of the dispute.

These works – in a variety of ways, from French wine to US spirits and cane beverages – were suspension The EU and the US have agreed in March to remove them for four months and begin talks on solutions.

$ 7.5bn

Additional taxes levied by US on European goods in October 2019

The Airbus-Boeing debate is one of the longest running in the history of the World Trade Organization – disagreements between the two sides agreeing to end more than enough while seeking to strengthen cooperation by partnering with China’s economic system.

EU trade commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis held talks with US trade representative Katherine Tai and trade secretary Gina Raimondo in the days leading up to the summit as all parties worked to reach an agreement on the issue.

Tai’s office declined to comment.

Companies on both sides of the Atlantic have been calling for a response. The issue began to gain momentum after the US exported to Europe worth $ 7.5bn with additional tariffs in October 2019, when the EU promoted other operating on a $ 4bn export export to the US last year. Both parties were in compliance with WTO decisions in favor of each party.

But the US and the EU have found that over the years, they have failed to properly implement the WTO rules on the illegal use of their aircraft manufacturers.

EU and US trade officials have confirmed the controversy, with both sides arguing what some say has followed WTO decisions. The support for all sides of the Atlantic is also very different, with EU officials citing major US security agreements as one example.

The end of the Airbus-Boeing conflict removes one important factor in the business relationship, but the rest remains.

Brussels last month banned raising prices on US goods as a sign of favoritism Prices of Trump’s time on European metals and cast.

All this wealth should no longer hide their differences digital taxes, where the issue is linked to international discussions.

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