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The Dog Plague Is Here. Call for Fertilizer Drones

Can drones give evidence of this horrible thing, telling the authorities to know where they are throwing the dogs?

Ferdinand Wolf, director at DJI Europe, says it can. “Aviation has seen dramatic changes in drone technology,” says Wolf. “From the original Phantom which probably flew in seven or eight minutes, we now have drones that can easily fly for 30 minutes plus, which is essential if you want to search dog rooms or garbage and we don’t always hang out to destroy our batteries. “Also, drones now have a number of sensors to navigate around parks or rural roads without hitting trees and so on.

“And now we can drive image recognition on the same drone,” says Wolf. Why are drones designed to distinguish a dog poo from, say, a rock? “We have an amazing repository where we can see and compare pictures. It can distinguish between a person, a bicycle, a car or a ship. So, if you go further, this is the same. It has paper or this is a rock or a dog poo. If it would look in the closet and say, “Well, that’s what looks like a dog, then all the technology that can be used.” “

Commenting on the nature of waste, Zack Jackowski, chief engineer of Boston Dynamics’ robot engine, summarizes: “The way a learning machine works, if you can recognize it as something different, you can teach a robot to recognize it. If you have an easy time choosing, a robot may have a more convenient time to choose. ”

“Obviously, there are several types of poo that can look different,” says Wolf. “The shape and size and flexibility can vary, whether it’s grass and it’s rooted or decomposed – but in reality it is possible.” The good news is that Wolf claims that the nonsense that goes on the branches is easy to spot. “Something like a bag hanging on a pole makes it easier to recognize, and put up a flag, because it will have the same shape and color.”

This is the point of insistence. Drones might be good for giving money and following dog poo, but not really cleaning up. In 2017, founders in the Netherlands are said to have made two flushing toilets “Dogdrones, ”But the idea was never new. The volunteers who volunteered to help with the experiment were, perhaps logically, thin on the ground. In addition, the two drones were grounded.

“Picking up a purse he can be a possible thing, I think, “Wolf says.” Picking up the poo on its own, with a small shovel, would not be difficult to use.

Robots Save

Robots are often regarded as good work related to the three D’s: “dirty, dangerous and boring”. Eliminating dog confusion confuses both boxes. Therefore, in order to find a reliable place, all we need is a robot that can go anywhere dogs can take. This could be one of the best things about using Spot here. In fact, the robot was already designed by its Spot Arm garbage outdoors.

Boston Dynamics claims to have an interest in using the “Spot + Spot Arm” to clean up public spaces and sidewalks, and the project is similar to “Take” character BD experts have already demonstrated.

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