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Sigma fp L his hands: Slight size, large adjustment, large flexibility

Sigma made a noise with the original 24-megapixel FP thanks to cool, compact and high-resolution animations including RAW recording. Now, has released the $ 2,500 fp L with the same body but a very high-end 61-megapixel display. Along with the camera, Sigma unveiled the external electronic screens, which are the most sought after.

As before, the Sigma fp L is the smallest glass-free camera you can buy. Most interestingly, it is also the best way to plan, time, connect Sony A7R IV (which probably shares the same sensor). Is the size too small for the sensor? I held my hands for a week, along with some excellent Sigma glasses, to find out.

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Fp L has an amazing, boxy look like a twist Leica download. The handwriting is minimal, with just the front dial to change the display mode, as well as the video capture, peripherals / video and the powerful changes at the top. At the back is another (up) screen with the center button “OK”, plus eight lock buttons for AE, quick menu, menu, layout, color, color, tone, display and play.

The 24-megapixel fp fp is designed as a video with a street camera and a slim, slim body fits this. However, fp L has a 61-megapixel sensor, so it is not useful for video (more recently) and is better for recording and recording.

Lack of proper shape and adjustment is a problem in these situations, however. Although it is small and lightweight compared to cameras (427 grams compared to the Sony A7R IV 665), it is not ideal for handling it. The inability to hold it makes it easy to quit, even with a tank-like shape.

Another problem is that the 61-megapixel sensor is asking for heavy, high-performance glasses. For example, Sigma gave me a very good credit of 35mm f / 1.2 GN DN Art and weighs 1,090 grams or 2.4 pounds. Without a good grip, it is difficult to hold the camera and lenses without rotation or other support.

Steve Dent / Engadget

Although the handrails are minimal, I think the upper and back fingers can handle most of my shape. However, the adjustment of the back of the D-pad is much more complicated. When I try to switch to ISO or other scenarios, I just cause the error by accident.

With fp L, Sigma launched the file APPENDIX-11 external electronic sensors that also work on the original fp. It hooks the camera to the side, connected to HDMI and USB-C ports.

Connecting the EVF was difficult, because I had to shake the connectors in the ports and shoot them in the receiver type of tripod, which is very difficult. When connected, the 3.69 million drop display offers good views, color accuracy and revival speed. It tends to 90 degrees, making it ideal for frequent and indirect shooting.

When it comes to visuals, they are bright and clear, but unfortunately they are designed so that they do not rotate or rotate around. As a result, it was difficult for me to use high-quality and low-cost shooting, especially video.

Functional functions are limited in setting the selection, such as older Sony cameras. However, it is more and less accurate for that purpose. Since it’s not fun, however, you don’t use or play back / D-pad – and in the end it’s too late, too.

Sigma fp L stainless steel mirror

Steve Dent / Engadget

The menus are not very well made, either, because it is difficult to see briefly whether you are in the main or small menus. To achieve this, a quick menu will be your friend when you use this camera.

Performance is not good. The specs are not only considered to be worse, they run very fast up to 10 fps, and the new section recognizes autofocus system that enables face-to-face recognition autofocus. However, despite technical changes, the AF machine did not block my studies very quickly and often failed to keep up with the flow. As a result, I missed a few shots and had a lot of other things that weren’t necessary.

In any case, the lack of a shutter system means that an explosive shot will not be a problem, as the shutter barrier on this camera is very good. If you are trying to learn a moving story, you may find many problems or distractions that keep bullets out of use. Lack of stability does not help, because it forces you to rely on the stability of the lens. And most L-Mount glasses that you would like to use with this camera do not have this.

If you are shooting headers that are not moving very fast (for example places or photos) fp L renders according to the image format. The 61-megapixel camera allows better viewing than any other camera except the Sony’s A7R IV.

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Skin stains and tiles are medically correct, making them easy to cool or cool if needed. As before, fp L provides excellent JPEGs outside the camera and offers a number of pre-designed colors (natural, photographic, landscape, monochrome, and more) that eliminates the need for later editing.

RAW DNG files are easy to edit in the post if you want to get the best visuals or shadows. As with the Sony A7R IV, it’s not as bad as you might expect a bit considering the smaller pixels. In most cases, it is best not to overdo it and drag the shadows to the post.

Fp L has major video converters, such as 4K 30p recording to 8-bit RAW DNG or H.264, or 12-bit 4K RAW DNG recording if you can pull an SSD via a USB-C port. However, the 61-megapixel sensor slows down reading and editing seven times faster than you would like in 4K, making it unsuitable for video.

Sigma seems to use more instead of jumping the line as Sony does with the A7R IV. This makes for a very sharp video, but a bad shutter is dangerous because the sensor is slow to read. There is no minimum shutter if you send the video to an external camera via a small HDMI port, but then it switches to the line that gives the video a much softer effect.

For convenience (within a 12-bit RAW recording on an SSD without a camera or multitasking), the videos must be solid. However, such as Gerald Undone has said, and as I have seen for myself, it seems like you can have good or right colors, but not both.

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