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The ‘Danganronpa’ watch books are coming to Nintendo switchch

The program of Danganronpa visible notes at the end will be are available of Nintendo switchch later this year, more than 10 years since the first PSP game was released. Nintendo has announced the advent of the platform for secret / fun / explorer games Direct preaching of E3 2021. Although the game giant does not have a specific release date for the titles, it was revealed that the three major games in the franchise – Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa 2: Going Depressed and Danganronpa V3: Killing Coalition – will be released as a physical offering called Danganronpa: Long-term.

The bundle comes with a reminder edition of all three games, which can give you the opportunity to view bonuses, images and other extras not included in the previously released ones. Also, it comes with Danganronpa S: The Hottest Camp, a new game theme that would look great if you had ever played an unlocked game V3: Killing Agreement. Extremely Hot Camp It will open up new events and connect between characters you have never seen before.

Although the game does not have a release date, the bundle official page he says It’s over will be available for “soon.” You can also buy a box of drawers with badges, prints, OST CD and a metal bag if you want to pay extra. If you just want another game from the platform, you have to make it with digital format: Each theme will be sold individually on the Nintendo eShop.

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