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The court barred Joe Biden from standing before a US oil and gas lender

A judge on Tuesday called for a resumption of oil and gas exports to US state-run farms, issuing a moratorium on Biden officials and threatening the President to change the country’s oil exports.

A Louisiana court has ruled in favor of 13 oil-producing states from Texas, Alaska and Oklahoma, and issued a preliminary injunction against White House suspension of new fees. The decision allows for a reconsideration when the court hears some of the reasons in the case.

“The failure of any other explanation to restrict the sale of the rent, and to make the suspension, leads to a court ruling that the plaintiff claims he has a chance of success in this case,” Judge Terry Doughty said.

The verdict was serious difficulties Joe Biden, who ordered the suspension of the new rental of petrol stations in the state and water facilities in January when the review of the reception route took place.

The suspension – which did not affect the drilling rigging – fulfilled the election promise and marked the President’s massive move against the power sector in the aftermath. campaigned “change away from oil”.

The interior department said it was following a second proposal but would continue to work on the review, which it said would “explain what will happen with the ideas”.

The department declined to comment further when the rental business could resume.

The suspension did not affect the special event, which produces much of the U.S. oil and gas. Instead, it works mainly in countries and territories, which account for about 22% of American oil.

But the judge found that representation could be detrimental to countries where production depends on the state of affairs. “Millions and perhaps billions of dollars are at stake,” Doughty wrote. “Complaint governments are interested in relying on revenues from the coast and in selling oil and gas.

The idea was received by oil retailers. “Public retirement threatens our country’s security, environmental development and economic recovery,” said Kevin O’Scannlain, vice president of environmental affairs at the American Petroleum Institute, Washington’s largest Big Oil group. “We are pleased to see that the court is deciding that natural gas and oil must be repatriated.”

The National Ocean Industries Association, which represents sailors in the Gulf of Mexico, also welcomed the ruling, which he said “only confirms legal requirements” for the interior department to prepare for the sale of oil and gas.

But Tuesday’s ruling may not be final. The original order will remain until the final decision on the case or appeal to the high court.

“Success can be temporary,” researchers at ClearView Energy Partners, a Washington-based company, wrote. “We do not expect the Interior to issue such a ruling, nor do we expect Biden’s management to seek redress.”

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