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Southwest Airlines’ technical news line brings up 500 stops

Southwest Airlines riders have to deal with thousands it’s too late and banned the aircraft this week due to a number of technical issues that affected its operations. On Monday, the flight attendant’s third flight attendant experienced some setbacks that prevented him from receiving the information he needed. According to the page FlightAware, 1,541 flights were delayed Monday because. One day later, the Southwest did CNN that it had to be around 500 times, or 15% of its time, when faced with another problem.

The company said it encountered a problem connecting to the network Tuesday afternoon that affected its storage. It was also required to request the Federal Aviation Administration to provide parking for all aircraft to prevent any aircraft from taking off while the company terminates “computer reservation”. In addition to the 500 banned trips, the connection problem also delayed the trip to 900 to 1,300, compiling information from FlightAware.

The FAA landed the airport an hour later, and a spokesman said the plane “resumed operations after a short suspension. [its] aircraft events. “Even in the southwest, if they continue to investigate the matter, they do not believe that the two wings are connected.

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