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The country is waking up to India’s problems — too late


News: Oxygen and other essential oils are making their way to India as it tackles the major covid-19 crisis that every country has ever faced. The country set a new record for new cases on the fifth day in a row yesterday, with 352,991 and 2,812 deaths reported. The actual number is very high. Calculations researchers from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation suggest that a true demonstration of daily life in India should reach millions.

Suggestions: The situation is deplorable. Many medical equipment in India has collapsed, and there are no hospital beds for new patients. Hospitals are out of breath, meaning patients are fainting. Parking areas have been transformed into public transportation hubs.

Route help: Aid is beginning to be poured into India from all over the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has promised to do “everything we can,” after its chief executive, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, described it as “extremely painful.” WHO said it was sending air, laboratory equipment, and local hospitals to India, as well as 2,600 specialists to work with health officials.

Air: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India photos sent of ventilators and oxygen concentrators that came from the UK today. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates should also post the same as soon as possible.

Vaccination: The U.S. has promised to ship AstraZeneca vaccine-making equipment, including air, protective equipment, and testing equipment. He also promises to ship some of the 60 million unused AstraZeneca drugs that he has stored, even after a security check (although the AstraZeneca vaccine has already been removed by regulators in India).

What will be the result? While this aid is useful, scientists say it just makes it “focus”Among the challenges facing India. Things could get worse with the release of a new virus, B.1.617, which is similar to the other two strains of virus that have spread to South Africa and California. But experts say there was another factor: the government lifted the ban very quickly and put vaccines first. Even here, India has not returned to other countries.


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