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The Chinese Tiananmen who commemorated their destruction go far beyond the firefighter

The 24-hour flight began just after 8 a.m. in the United States on June 3 – mostly on time, and without any interruptions.

The event, which took place on Zoom and broadcast privately on other platforms such as YouTube, was joined by Chinese freedom fighters to commemorate the assassination of Tiananmen Square, a bloodbath in Beijing at a student-led democracy movement held on June 4, 1989.

The possibility did not materialize: the developers were concerned that they would see a recurrence last year, when Zoom, a California-based videocing company, closed three Tiananmen-affiliated proceedings in addition to their request to the Chinese government. The company temporarily suspended directors’ accounts, though all were outside China and four were in the US.

Zoom Zoom led to him being investigated and prosecuted by the Department of Justice in December. “We try to limit the activities of those who are required to comply with local laws. Our response should not affect users outside of China, ”Zoom wrote in words was posted on his page, where he admits it was “missing.”

This was one of the worst examples of Western technology companies going to follow Chinese standards on online content.

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Such permissiveness is essential for Chinese companies, which — unlike American businesses are legally protected by law such as Section 230-They are responsible for its use in accordance with Chinese law.

Each year, just days before the crucial day of the 1989 burglary, China’s Internet-enabled network is shut down more than ever. Some terms are searched on various platforms. It is usually used emojis, like a candle, begin to fade from emoji keyboards. Usernames on different platforms cannot be changed. And statements that may have been permitted at the border at certain times of the year may result in a visit from the state security.

In 2020, Zoom closed three incidents involving Tiananmen at the request of the Chinese government – although both were outside China. In December the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the company.

This is accompanied by depravity in the real world, and increased security in Tiananmen Square in Beijing and in some areas the government finds it difficult, while government opponents are deployed compulsory vacation, Arrested, or imprisoned.

This year, such oppression continues to escalate. Following the new pass national security law in Hong Kong very short words-even months demonstrations– Memorial activities in and around Macau have been banned. (Last year Twenty-four people were charged notwithstanding the same ban, including one of the group’s most prominent leaders, its pro-democracy activist, Joshua Wong, who is still in prison and has recently been sentenced to another 10 months in prison.

Covid also helps: a major public event planned in Taiwan has been postponed, for example, due to maturity after the recent covid-19 epidemic.

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