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The Britons said they could not cross France because of Omicron

The Christmas break after Christmas by French police in the Britons trying to cross France by car is causing a stir among commuters affected by the Covid ban, as the EU tries to deal with rising Omicron racism cases.

France banned British tourists since entering the country in mid-December in an attempt to curb the spread of Omicron, which led to the suspension of ski vacation and disrupted travel for anyone without a French citizenship or residence permit.

But Britons who are trying to reach other parts of the EU – including workers and residents of countries like Belgium who hope to return to France via the Eurotunnel – are also violating the rules, new instructions have been given to French border police. that the methods apply to people who are traveling.

“I follow the same rules, with all the difficulties that come with it,” said a French police officer, adding that border guards received new instructions on how to follow Christmas, once the tours resumed.

The legal turmoil as the holiday season approached drew to a close and some travelers are now looking forward to returning to other parts of the EU via France, the official added. “One of the problems is that very few people have left [for the UK] before the rules change and they face the problem of return. “

The Eurotunnel, which operates a shuttle that allows people to take their cars from Folkestone to Calais, warned British travelers Wednesday that unless they had French-owned travel documents they would not be able to cross France by car. The restrictions do not apply to EU citizens.

“Following the decision of the French Government, on December 28 2021, unless they become French citizens, British citizens are now recognized as third citizens and will no longer cross France on the road to their home country in the EU,” he said. Eurotunnel said.

Disease in France has recently escalated to mark a major rise in the Omicron-led genocide, described by officials as the cause of many “waves”.

Daily litigation in France reached 208,000 on Wednesday, the highest since the outbreak, marking European history. The French Interior Ministry has refused to comment on travel restrictions.

Officials in the UK say they want to take a closer look at the French government over legal issues.

Roland Moore, Belgian public relations and public relations leader who was this week stepped back when he tried to get his car to the shuttle service from the UK to France, he said the sudden change in interpretation and lack of warning was a distraction after driving the trail in early December.

“Seven days ago it was fine but after a week I did not realize it was wrong,” Moore said, adding that he understood, however, that the French had taken action to try to deal with Covid’s cases.

Moore was able to reach Belgium via the Eurostar train bound for France, leaving his car and family in the UK.

Changes on the UK-France border have been particularly difficult since Britain left the EU.

France banned all travelers and vehicles from the UK from entering for 48 hours before Christmas 2020, in an attempt to create a new coronavirus that started at that time, which many travelers saw as punishing.

Political disputes over how to use the Anglo-French border have arisen over migration and crossing the sea.

Under these rules, Britons can pass French airports in less than 24 hours, or reach their destination by train.

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