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The best tools for your new PlayStation 5

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So you bought the PlayStation 5 – thank you, you have overcome the lack of resources to find one of the most sought after items for recent memory. Now comes the exciting part. No PS5 is complete without a game library and tools to enhance your skills. Fortunately, you will not have much trouble getting your hands on it. However, if you are new to the contract, the deceptive part is knowing the themes and peripherals that are right for your time. We’ve gathered our favorites here to make searching easier for you.

Playstation plus


If the PS5 is your first console or you are out of the Xbox, one of the first things you might want to take with you is Registration for PlayStation Plus. It helps you to organize your library. Sony offers a few free games to PS Plus subscribers each month, and as long as you remain a regular member, it’s yours to keep. Choices sometimes hit and miss, but you get a few gems every year. You also need PS Plus to play many online games, though registration is not required for free games such as Job Call: Warzone. The combination of PlayStation Store discounts and cloud storage makes PS Plus worthless if you find yourself using your PS5 all the time.

Buy PS Plus (one year) at Amazon – $ 60

SteelSeries Arctis 7P +

SteelSeries Arctis 7P +

Pictures of SteelSeries

Help the people around you and buy them the best headphones. It will help keep the nerves from damaging them and is essential for most sports. The options for play headphones are many, which is why we recommend choosing one with a solid history. SteelSeries soon has changed its image of Arctis 7 headset is 7P + pa which has changed the battery life and USB-C port for charging. What a company did not The change was the design of a bandage that many people agree to make Arctis 7 one of the most comfortable earrings on the market. 7P + costs the same price as the 7+ brand, and also adds the full technical support for PS5’s Tempest 3D.

Buy Arctis 7P + at SteelSeries – $ 170

WD Black SN850

WD Black SN850 SSD


Sony recently released updates to allow PS5 owners to do so add internal storage to their console. And that’s a good thing, because the 667GB used storage that the console comes with can feel a bit of a hassle. We have already published a complete guide on very good SSDs you can purchase your PlayStation 5. You will want to see the article for a step-by-step guide on how to Upgrade your SSD. But if you want to make things as simple as you can, your best bet is the Gen4 M.2 NVME SSD with built-in heatsink. One of the advantages of plug-and-play is SN850 from WD Black. It checks all the requirements listed by Sony and is invaluable, too.

Buy WD Black SN850 (1TB) on Amazon – $ 230

Samsung T7 SSD

Samsung T7 SSD


If you are not comfortable unlocking your PS5 to install a new SSD, another option is to purchase a solid external drive. Remember that you can’t play PS5 game from an external drive. However, it takes less time to download one from an SSD than it usually downloads from the PlayStation Store. One of our favorite drives is Samsung T7. It can record files at speeds of up to 1,000 MB / s and comes with an unbreakable fence to protect the vehicle from damage. If you want to use SSD for game storage, you can save money by buying a standard version instead A different touch with a fingertip.

Buy Samsung T7 (1TB) on Amazon – $ 170

DualSense Charging Station

Sony DualSense Charging Station


When you can pay for yours DualSense controller with the USB-C cable that comes with your PS5, the best solution is DualSense Charging Station. It can store and charge two controllers at the same time. This way, you can have a second battery ready to go if the one you are using runs out of battery. It also releases USB ports on your PS5 for additional features.

Buy DualSense Charging Station on Amazon – $ 60




These only time is one of a very advanced game you can play on PS5. Arkane’s latest puts you in a situation where you have to learn a list of what you want to kill all eight in one day. The design of this game is as dry as it can be, inviting you to learn all the secrets of each section so you can run smoothly.

Buy Deathloop on Amazon – $ 60

The Door of Death

The Door of Death

Acid Arteries

With a theme that awakens the end of all things, you can imagine The Door of Death it’s an unpleasant game. But that cannot be far from the truth. Adorned with beautiful music and artwork, it is one of the best and most entertaining. indies I’ve played recently. Offer to Developer Acid Nerve for The Story of Zelda and Black Spirits I have to play for those who like to lose themselves in a mysterious and evil world.

Buy Death’s Door at Sony – $ 20

Demons of Demons

Demons of Demons


If you have ever scratched the list from FromSoftware’s Soulsborne but did not know where to start, you will find no introduction than Demons of Demons. Software Developer Bluepoint Games has lovingly redesigned the broken Borteria empire in the 4K era, making this one of the most iconic games on the PS5. Yes, it is as difficult as you may feel, but small changes in lifestyle, including the more demanding procedures, make the trip more rewarding.

Buy Demon Spirits on Amazon – $ 70

Spirits of Tsushima Directors Dulani

Tsushima Spirits Director's Cut

Sucker Punch Productions

You’ve played like The Spirit of Tsushima kale. Borrows from a well-known international brand known as Assassin’s Creed and other Ubisoft brands. But this is not a knock against it. Apart from this, the latest Sucker Punch is easy to make because it supports open minds around the world flawlessly. The studio has created a beautiful stadium featuring Feudal Japan culture, legends and history for players to explore, and something exciting to discover through every distance. Fighting is also very important, giving you the opportunity to play as a venerable samurai, a deadly assassin or a combination of both. And when you finish the story about one of Tsushima’s players, there is a great way for Legends to keep you busy for a long time.

Buy Tsushima Ghosts on Amazon – $ 70



The Best Game

If you take only one game on this list, do it Hade. It is close to the best performance games you can find. Everything from art, music, stories, and gaming consoles connects to one of the most memorable moments in recent memory. Even if you are not a sports fanatic, do not worry: Hade it works well because even when you die you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your time.

Buy Hade on Amazon – $ 40

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