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Roku expands its TV Ready program to include more colors and components

Roku videos will be able to quickly connect to more audio in the future. The company has added its own Guaranteed Ready on TV The program, in addition to Element, JVC, Pheanoo and Philips this year, and Polk Audio and Westinghouse are entering the list for 2022. Roku re-launched the program worldwide, and partners like Bose are expected to launch TV Ready equipment in the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico. soon.

Vice President of Product and Experience, Doug Cunningham, said:

“Roku TV Ready makes it easy to set up and use a Bose TV speaker for your enjoyment. We are excited to bring this solution to many Roku TV owners around the world.”

The TV Ready software makes it easy to connect loudspeakers to Roku TVs – as long as the listening device supports the side, it is automatically detected as soon as you connect it. Your TV will turn off its speakers and change the volume. output, and you will be able to adjust the volume of your speaker / soundbar using the remote Roku connector. The program was launched in 2020, with Sound United (parent company Polk, Denon, Marantz, Class A and Boston Acoustics) and TCL as its first partners.

Roku says the program provides participants with an “easy-to-install” SDK to integrate quickly, as well wireless interface soundbar reference that he launched at CES 2021. TCL release The first model to copy the book, and certainly just the pairs with Roku TV.

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