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The 76-year-old surprise war is being fought in September

As a result, not all games require a mode after all. About two years until the next day Extinguish Nuclear, take the brand, Bethesda Game Studios is said to be closing the show in September due to a lack of interest from players.

Although most players become pigeons in Nuclear Winter in the early days, since then, “we’ve seen a lot of players like to see certain aspects of the game,” the development team wrote. . “It is also difficult to put the complete Nuclear Winter lobbies together without sacrificing sacrifices during the waiting period.”

Bethesda has also found it difficult to continue to use the “necessary changes” of the brand when making changes to the Fun Way immediately. The developers admitted that some were frustrated with the move and said they were working to integrate other players against the players. There will be plenty of new ways to play the game later this year.

In an effort to eliminate the Nuclear Fire, Bethesda will offer players cash prizes based on their level and the number of Ticket Viewers they have earned. Anyone who completes one game will also receive a Nuclear Winter-themed pennant. Most of the players who can get on the battlefield are coming to Test mode, which is why they can’t be found when Nuclear Winter is cut.

Notes 76 will be displayed on Sunday, when the dev team will show more of what’s coming on the road. In the meantime, if you have ever been interested in this Notes 76 but you have not seen it, you can play the game for free until June 16th.

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