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Texas Scientists Share New, Cheap Covid-19 Vaccine

Passengers passed the Covid-19 vaccine bill and the shooting of a support at the world hospital at Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California on December 22, 2021.

Passengers passed the Covid-19 vaccine bill and the shooting of a support at the world hospital at Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California on December 22, 2021.
Picture: Frederic J. Brown / AFP (Getty Images)

Even more important medical advances this year, the covid-19 epidemic has not stopped, in the US and especially in poor countries with low vaccines. But there is hope for the future. The cheap, easy-to-store, and effective Covid-19 vaccine is soon to be widely manufactured and distributed around the world soon. This includes a reliable Texas vaccine developed in India this week.

Tuesday, Indian health regulators given permission for emergency use of the Corbevax vaccine, developed by scientists from the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development at Baylor College of Medicine. The vaccine was developed and tested in collaboration with the Indian pharmaceutical company Biological E, which will oversee the production of the vaccine. Clinical trials have shown that Corbevax is safe and comparisons show that it is more than 90% effective against the original form of coronavirus, as well as more than 80% effective against the Delta species.

The researchers are to pay their development as a “global vaccine for covid-19.” Its original technology, which uses a small fraction of coronavirus proteins made from yeast cells, has been used in vaccines, particularly the Hepatitis B vaccine. This design means that it can be reduced easily and cheaply, even in countries where with limited resources. Most importantly, it can be stored using a standard refrigerator, which can allow people to travel and use more than the mRNA vaccine that requires a special refrigerator.

In addition, vaccination skills were developed without patents, and researchers are planning to share more of their plans and / or vaccinations with those that want to do with countries that do not have economic benefits. As a result, one level of over-production is to compare to deal with $ 1.50. In comparison, Pfizer and Moderna made ink recently he says he pays about $ 25 per level in Europe.

Biological E is said to have already released 150 million doses of Corbevax and should release 100 million doses per month. The group is said to have shared its expertise with manufacturers in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Botswana.

“Our vaccination program brings together the hearts and minds of scientists from all over the world. We have the opportunity to give our full expertise and bring the vaccine to as many people in India and around the world,” said Maria Elena Bottazzi, co-lead vaccine leader and hospital director. of Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development. , said Gizmodo.

There have been ongoing efforts to vaccinate low- and middle-income countries, in particular the COVAX program led by the World Health Organization. But COVAX has it fell Less than expected, after receiving and distributing less than half of the $ 2 billion it needed to buy by the end of 2021. Rich countries have also set rates, and the US appears to have promised earlier this year to support the reduction of existing vaccines. developed by Pfizer and Moderna – perhaps an important component in the development of a new, more cost-effective, and more complex vaccine. But talking to negotiation this has been completely suspended, and the US has said he is said to have done less really pushing them. Currently, only 58% of the world’s population received only one vaccine, while less than half are fully vaccinated — a difference that is exacerbated in many developing countries.

The Baylor vaccine was also hampered by a lack of initial funding, after the group failed to raise funds through Operation Warp Speed, which was launched last year in the US to accelerate vaccine development. They were able to earn enough money in the end, mostly through of charity, but it certainly delayed their visit. According to Peter Hotez, co-founder and director of the National School of Tropical Medicine in Baylor, the lack of interest in public immunization is the key to the long-awaited recovery of his team’s vaccine. .

“It is very exciting to be able to change vaccines around the world,” Hotez told Gizmodo. “In addition to the obvious support for humanitarian action, this is the only way to prevent future inequalities. If we had the money to do this soon, Southern Africa would probably have been vaccinated and Omicron would not have come out.”

There are still important questions about Cobrevax left to be answered. In particular, it is not yet clear how it could be against the Omicron genus, which is now extending beyond the Delta as the main species of the virus. Omicron is concerned because many of its modifications allow it to be easily transmitted to people who have an immune system developed through vaccination or infection (on the plus side, this protection seems to interfere with its dryness). The team plans to have more on Omicron soon, however, and there are indications that Cobrevax may be better at providing lasting protection than other vaccines. It is possible that Cobrevax could also be used as a stimulant to other vaccines, and some have shown that stimulant shots restore immunity to Omicron’s disease.

Corbevax is not the only vaccine that can be used in developing countries. This week, Mexico he sat down most recently approved for a three-year-old Cuban vaccine developed by the Abdala. Abdala and another Cuban vaccine, Soberna 02, are manufactured using long-established and inexpensive vaccine technology, and clinical trials have shown that the vaccine was over 90%. staff against disease. Following the summer epidemic threat, Cuban Covid-19 cases have occurred is down since the vaccine level has risen to 90% by one dose. The world is still waiting for the WHO to decide whether to approve the Covid-19 vaccine, however, which would need to be able to be used abroad. When that happens, Cuba said he promised publishing his expertise to all over the world.

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