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Tesla will shut down the video game in-dash while its vehicles are moving

Tesla responds promptly to NHTSA Research games in-dash while cars are moving. The Guardian but learned Tesla will offer updates that stop the incoming Passenger Play. A regulator’s spokesman said Tesla promised the change after discussing the matter with officials. There’s no mention of when the changes will arrive, but it’s best to just assume you have to stop the next game.

The attorney general assured that the investigation would continue despite the changes. NHTSA also states that the Vehicle Safety Act prohibits companies from selling vehicles that are at high risk for safety, including from confusing driving. The study covers approximately 580,000 Tesla EVs between the model years of 2017 and 2022.

Tesla no longer uses the social media team and was not available for comment. The change in shape is not surprising, however. Inaction would lead to consequences if the NHTSA found Tesla negligent. There is also the issue of compulsion in competition. Mercedes-Benz has fixed the error recently which allows for central video play – it would not look good if Tesla refuses to follow.

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