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Here’s What We Know About Android 13 So Far

Google Pixel 6

Picture: Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo

In front of Android 12 L On arrival, Android phone users are seeing what could be one of the upcoming Android 13 ‘Tiramisu’ next year. Take this first step see, about Google Mobile OS update can bring improvements in information, battery management, and programming for multilingual applications.

Before we take a Deep down, these things were revealed by the people on the shore XDA developers citing the “source with the ability to build Android 13” who shared photos that the site says “has a lot of confidence” inside. This sounds like a lot of fun, but it does mean that any of these things can change from now on. the official launch of Android 13, which is expected to be released to the publicly in September / October next year.

I would also like to talk about the internal codename “Tiramisu.” Android used to name its OS after a salty meal but it stopped on Android 10 (probably because Quince Tart did not move the tongue). So even though the taste of coffee in Italy is mentioned, the next version will be called Android 13.

In terms of innovations, one of the most promising is the timely approval of information. This may not sound like fun but it does indicate that the visibility of the content may be input, not automatically issued. We still have our excitement because this is just a good XDA comparison of something that, although it appears in the likes, has not been tested.

Another upgrade that Google seems to be making with Android 13 is giving users the ability to set languages ​​on any app instead of having a global language set to major preferences. This can be useful for travelers who frequently or who speak several languages. Called “Panlingual,””This section is currently in the process of being updated to the latest App Languages.

We all struggle with the fact that our phones do not turn off before we reach the point of sale, so it is encouraging to see Google trying to stop debugging apps from chewing on your battery life. Android 13 could launch something called “The Android Resource Economy” where apps are given the option to charge the device’s battery. This “money” can be sold for other activities. Probably, the closer the device is, the less money is paid to the software.

And lastly, Google seems to be playing with a locked clock so that users can keep it in one line and prevent it from expanding to two lines when there are no notifications, as it currently does.

The user interface of Android 13 looks very similar to the existing ones, although this should be expected considering that the OS has not included its first software development features, even the first of several beta. If history repeats itself (and it does more often than not), Android 13 will be announced early next year before it enters beta at the end of spring and the public release in early fall.

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