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Tesla may need to send Texas-made EVs out of government to sell to Texans

The end of Tesla war and accept-seller rules is about to make trouble in Texas. Driving and About reports that the Texas legislature is setting up its stake on May 31 without advancing a loan that allows Tesla to sell directly to customers. In other words, the EV manufacturer needs to send the vehicles from where they are coming Austin Gigafactory residence outside the state before the sale to the Texans – the latest in a string of protests by Ambassador Greg Abbott celebration The factory is scheduled for last July.

The government may call for legislation or legislation, but it cannot be considered. The next phase did not take place until 2023.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was not happy about this, to say His company “certainly would like” a change in the law to prevent this. The law would allow any machine manufacturer to sell directly to customers in Texas as long as the cars were fully electric and not sold through retailers, Tesla’s door opener and competitors as Rivian.

Texas is not the only government with laws to protect the type of retailers, nor is it the only one that wants to change things. Connecticut has laws that make Tesla sell cars, not just leave them alone. However, these often do not have EV industries. Texas Gigafactory is showing the economic impact of these laws which have not yet been shown.

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