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Tesla deceived a private driver without a driver, warns supervisors | Traffic Companies News


Consumer Reports has reported that several times on its closed road with no driver seat, its Tesla Model Y simply drove the painted roads without acknowledging that no one was watching.

Consumer Reports said on Thursday he was able to persuade Tesla to drive the Autopilot’s automatic vehicle with no one on the wheel.

His trial came just days after Tesla crashed in Texas, killing two men in a car. Authorities say none of the men were in the driver’s seat when the accident happened.

Autopilot is capable of driving on the road, staying away from cars in front of it, and can change roads only with the driver’s license. But Tesla says the driver must always be ready to act.

Consumer Reports has reported that several times on its closed road with no driver seat, its Tesla Model Y simply drove the painted roads without acknowledging that no one was watching. The Tesla that crashed outside Houston over the weekend was the Model S, and also had Autopilot function.

“In our review, the system not only failed to ensure that the driver was paying attention, but also did not know if there was a driver there,” said Jake Fisher, director of Consumer Reports. did an experiment. “Tesla is lagging behind other car manufacturers such as GM and Ford who, on machines with high-performance driving systems, use technology to ensure the driver is looking off the road.”

Tesla, based in Palo Alto, California, and has closed its printing office, did not immediately respond to a query from Consumer Reports.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are the first phase of a Texas accident investigation. Local officials say one man was found in a passenger seat, while another was in the back. The car broke down on the road, crashed into a tree and caught fire, authorities said.

Elon Musk at the unveiling of the Boring Co Hawthorne test tunnel in Hawthorne, California [File: Robyn Beck/AFP/Bloomberg]

Investigators need to know if the Tesla Autopilot machine was used.

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk said on Twitter Monday that data logs “currently obtained” show Autopilot was not unlocked in the Texas crash, and “Full Self-Driving” was not purchased on the car. He did not respond to press queries posted on Twitter.

In the past, the NHTSA, which has the power to monitor car manufacturers and seek to remember faulty vehicles, has taken steps to improve search engines and the complete fear of hindering the development of new promising products.

But starting in March, the agency will also apply to Tesla, sending teams to three accidents. They have investigated 28 Tesla crashes over the past few years, but in the meantime rely on free security surveillance from automotive and technology companies.

Also on Thursday, Senators Richard Blumenthal and Edward Markey called on government officials to investigate the Texas crash and offer suggestions for better management.

In an attempt by Consumer Reports, Fisher said he drove Autopilot while the car was moving on the road, then set the speed dial to zero to stop. Fisher then fastened a small, heavy chain to the wheel to measure the weight of the driver’s hand. He then climbed into the back seat where he was able to drive.

“The car drove up and down the road for more than half a mile, over and over, unaware that no one was in the driver’s seat, unaware that no one was touching the steering wheel, unaware that there was no more weight in the seat,” Fisher said. “It was shocking when we realized that it was easy to overcome the defense, which we have shown is not enough.”

Consumer Reports reported that the tests took place in secret and that “no one can try” to repeat.

“Let me be clear: Anyone who uses Autopilot on the road without someone sitting in the driver’s seat puts themselves and others at risk,” Fisher said.


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