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Strong, Tough Mothers of ‘Bad Behaviors’

When Capcom revealed Lady Alcina Dimitrescu as the next person Bad City to Live, the giant vampiress became very unusual. Lady Dimitrescu’s stature and style have already attracted her to macabre lovers – the chanting “Push me, Mommy” has filled the social media since she was revealed – but she’s far from the most dangerous or dangerous woman. Resident Evil list.

The license has a long history of women’s roles. At a time when female actors were rarely in the game, several directors Jill and Claire were also very similar to men like Chris and Leon. Along with these courageous women, a Resident Evil the franchise has released a clear picture of some of the most dangerous and powerful female actors in the history of the media.

On the contrary, almost everyone Resident Evil entry puts a woman as a protagonist, deuteragonist, fraudster, or all of them sometimes. And these women are not all professional, crazy scientists. Some of their stories are the saddest in nature – and you never know if you haven’t had time to get to know them. Respectfully Bad City to LiveReleased Friday, let’s all get out of Lady Dimitrescu’s long line for a moment to thank the evil women of Resident Evil the whole universe.

Lisa Trevor, who is present for the first time Resident Evil (2002), is the most powerful enemy on the list, but not by his own will. Lisa was a young girl while her father worked as a plumber at the Spencer Mansion, the original playground, and a large house with a secret bioweapons lab where the game’s virus was introduced.

Unfortunately, Umbrella Corporation — the global company that launched the virus and a major patent holder (except for zombies, then) – would not allow its distorted ideas to make the house visible, so it caught on and tested Lisa and her mother. Lisa survived, but her experience shocked her, and she convinced the investigator who was following her mother to trust her. wearing his mother’s face.

In the same way Lisa began to take over the women’s faces. As dangerous as it is, the game underscores the fact that Lisa somehow thinks she can retaliate against her mother if she finds the right face. His desire to gather faces ends there, but until he realizes his supernatural power and his restorative power, escapes his bondage, and disappears for years before returning vengeance to his tormentors.

A few years later, players met Marguerite Baker in Evil One 7. Famous chef and entomophile, Baker is one of the most dangerous enemies on the list. And as he kills and sends his “guests” to his family in the worst possible way, and tries to turn them into inhumane beasts like him more, the game story also gives him answers for his reasons. What makes her so dangerous is that she is a normal housewife who does everything she can, and she doesn’t know why everyone is ungrateful. Both Marguerite and Lisa lose their personality because of tactics that they cannot control.

Even the great Eveline of the same head is tragic. You are in a unique position in Resident Evil because he was the only war veteran who was not the first person. The Connections, a criminal group that — like everyone else in the game — apparently testing weapons, created Eveline to get in and use her mold to transmit and direct others. The syndicate gave him the form of a 10-year-old girl so he could easily enter the area. However, she took this responsibility seriously, and her desire to have a family kept her sowing. Obviously, he has no conscience and does not show any remorse for his actions, but can he be blamed? It’s a monster that she was told was a little girl and wanted to be loved like her.

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