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Memes of Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce Release Me


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First, let’s get rid of one thing: Memes don’t have to be casual, or decent. We hope they cause laughter, but they are not superficial in dealing with others. I get it all. And yet, I must say, all this talk about Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce sets me free.

For those who haven’t seen it, memes take a variety of shapes: Some are thrown founder Microsoft as a rich, unmarried man who is just looking for love. Some resent the idea that unmarried, poor women may be looking for he. Others compare Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos’ divorce. All is well, I think. Most of them cause laughter, though puerile puns on “Microsoft” are so 1995. This is not about destroying Twitter. Instead, these are just some of the excuses.

Bill and Melinda Gates are two very wealthy people with a lot of things to do. The chances of seeing these memes without being hurt about them are slim. But that’s what makes it so confusing. Although highly regarded professionally, these are not the family they are more on the internet. If Kardashian can end, sure; it is not uncommon for the internet to take action on issues of their kind. The Gateses, however, only use all of this money to help others – a Bill and Melinda Gates Council helps millions of people to overcome disease and to address economic inequalities. They are not the celebs pumping them, treating them as they feel.

They also feel dangerous. One of the most popular things that started from this couple announced their separation Monday showing Bill Gates on a computer with photos of several women touching the vaccination site on their shoulders. The program of descriptive words Gates to search for “unmarried women with a vaccine in our area.” It would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that the Gates Covid-19 vaccine was another way to make microchips. Yes, some funny plot must be called, but Gates’ divorce is already with QAnon audience releasing new ideas, delayed vaccination resulting from false positives is a serious problem. Read the room.

Maybe I’m taking this too seriously – they’re just memes! -But if in the last ten years he has taught us everything and that memes can be very powerful. They can make people laugh but they can also distort people’s minds, sweeten dangerous ideas and allow them to spread. I laughed when I remembered Melinda Gates and MacKenzie Bezos running together, too. But honestly, we can do better.

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