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Staff at Amazon office conferences say they have not been properly trained and have not performed well

A few months ago, reports indicated that Amazon was running a new project where its drivers not only produce items – they can also integrate items such as furniture, electronics and other large items. With Amazon’s problems keeping its employees safe and happy, it’s no surprise that the app seems to have already begun. Women’s box spoke with a number of drivers to address issues such as non-existent education and inadequate scheduling to provide and conduct meetings.

For example, an unknown driver who Women’s box told Amazon that it allowed 11 minutes and 15 seconds to carry and collect 59 ottomans. One driver said it all took 35 minutes, three times more than Amazon offered. (Even 35 minutes sounds very fast, as many people who have been struggling to integrate IKEA items can attest.) Stress is also felt even more when you add that the drivers have no idea how to install these items before they have to be rescued.

Women’s box saw some notes that also encourage the time when these drivers are down. One selection, release and installation of 104 kilograms mattress Casper King was less than four minutes long, while other drivers had less than 7 minutes to carry and set up a 234-pound dining table.

I spoke to Alexandra Miller, an Amazon spokeswoman Women’s box also received comments from, on the report. As he said Women’s box, Miller noted that Amazon partners involved in the project are doing so of their own free will; Amazon is not forcing them to enter it. He also said that Amazon’s partners only include other employees that their peers have chosen to include in the program. Employees are required to continue a two-hour course and pass a test of 20 questions before taking part – even drivers Women’s box respondents said they only watched a seven-minute instructional video and had to answer a number of questions.

In conclusion, Amazon says people who use these delivery methods should have the skills to do the job – not the person who usually sends books or toilet paper can fill the bed. Based on today’s report, however, it seems that this is not always the case.

This is a new job-related story on Amazon. The company has long been plagued by the way it operates its warehouse suppliers, who have been injured at prices around the world, but suppliers working in the same place. Since this is a pilot program that has not been largely launched, I hope that things like this experience will be taken seriously considering that the program will improve.

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