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Square Enix picks up the best grapes of Final Fantasy 14

Square Enix has released the first one Final Fantasy XIV patch after arrived in November. Along with adding a lot of quests, items and dungeon damage, the changes were dealt with by various challenges. One of them was the so-called bug fix which looks for the best grapes in a new area.

“The issue is that polygon grapes in Labyrinthos have been significantly reduced to reduce memory usage in the area,” wrote Square Enix at the end of , perhaps in an attempt to set out the key issues for change. “They’ve been changed to look like the ones found at Crystarium.”

A small sample recently became a meme after the spread took place, e.g. notes, with some players embracing blocky decorations and others, stupid players wrongly mocking grapes wrongly. As a result, not all of them can sit on the edge and the edge e.g.

It’s hard to call this a fix, because it’s a shame Square Enix changed the appearance of the grapes. They looked as good as they really are. The previous version has been a relief to some 3D players since the 90s, as the original Tomb Raider. In any case, the recent twist in the grape sausage shows manufacturers may not always please anyone, even if they are struggling with visible bugs.

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