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Spotify makes it easy to use your library on the go


Spotify’s largest library of music and podcasts is a great powerhouse – but if you run it, it can be a bit overwhelming. Over the years, the company’s “Your Library” section of its computer software has been equipped with inadequate tools to address our growing offerings. Today, Spotify is finally changing this Your Library’s redesign section, which will kick off for Android and iOS users next week.

It all starts with a simple search box, which can be instantly filtered into your library of songs, albums and podcasts. In the past, you had to click several times to find search boxes for each location, while the podcasts surrounded by one piece. Editing also helps you to quickly filter filters, giving you an easy way to narrow down your search string to include a combination of albums, art, playlists and podcasts. And when it does come back, I can imagine that most users would prefer a Downloadable filter, which brings up what you downloaded.

After a lot of search functionality, you will be able to point up to four numbers, albums or podcast shows for easy access. The new look also gives you a more immersive view of your monitors. And finally, there are new options: You can choose to have the text displayed, with the manufacturer’s name or whatever you’ve just played recently.

All of these are welcome, if delayed, changes to Spotify. And they follow another UX change: Last month we found out new home screen easy podcast to restart, as well as others minor changes to its online and computer players. Personally, I just want to know how it works for high quality music new HiFi application.

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