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SpaceX wins Nasa’s $ 2.9bn deal to bring Americans to the moon


Elon MuskSpaceX is planning to take American astrologers to the top of the moon, beating fellow technical scientist Jeff Bezos at one of the most prestigious awards in space competitions.

On Friday Nasa named SpaceX as the only contractor to build its next lunar space and make one show on the moon, probably as soon as 2024 arrives.

SpaceX volunteered to build and use its $ 2.9bn lander, which was “smaller” compared to what Bezos’ Blue Origin did, according to a Nasa document from the Washington Post. A third company, Dynetics, sent the remaining money.

The selection of the sole contractor contradicts Nasa’s recent practice of selecting two opposing functions over the most important elements in its system, reflecting the temporary persistence that the agency has been holding in its attempt to return to its first month since 1972.

Mark Kirasich, an employee at Nasa, said: “We have offered a deal to SpaceX since what we think is a real budget in the coming years.”

SpaceX’s selection threatens to escalate beyond other commercial challenges, leaving Nasa to rely on Musk’s private company. In addition to launching a new era of Nasa commercial applications, SpaceX was the first to transport cargo to the International Space Station, and last year returned a human plane to U.S. territory for the first time since 2011 when it took Nasa experts to the ISS.

Nasa officials say they are launching a review of how they can be more competitive in raising the bar, as well as discussions with all other real estate agents. The talks were designed to lead to a “permanent” visit to the moon, following the impression that SpaceX is showing, he said.

Bezos set out to collaborate with some of the strongest US aerospace companies, looking to build a new pen system near Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Draper.

SpaceX will use its Starship, which is growing, to show the moon. Although the company wanted to use the site on a full-fledged trip between Earth and Mars, their responsibility for the arrival announced Friday is simply to take two astronauts around the moon before landing them back.

The project is part of the Nasa Artemis program, which will use the large SLS rocket Boeing, along with the Orion spacecraft from Lockheed Martin, to fly astronauts and come to the “gate” of the moon. Although Starship can change all of these programs, Kirasich said Nasa has no “plans to change our design” and will only follow through on the requirements for a month.

SpaceX has faced a number of fire hazards this year in its first attempt to prove it could successfully run Starship. Lisa Watson-Morgan, co-founder of Nasa’s lunar program, said of the disadvantages: “Since we have a place to work, we will help. But for now everything looks good.”


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