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Space Force Commander Will Shoot Badmouthing Armed Forces on the Conservative Podcast


Image of the story of the Space Force Commander Dismissed After Badmouthing Soldiers on the Conservative Podcast

Figure: United States Army

A senior Space Force officer has been removed from office after claiming on a news podcast that Marxist ideas continue to plague the American military, CNN and he said on Sunday.

Earlier this week, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier appeared Steve Gruber’s show to get his new book, Sustainable Transformation: Marxism’s Goal to Defeat & Eliminate the American Army. As you can imagine from this article, Lohmeier has a strong opinion on modern military issues, which he spoke at length on the podcast:

“Ever since I took office as a senior about 10 months ago, I have seen what I think is the inconsistency and competition that America was, should be, and should be. This was not limited to TV, or nationwide last year, but spread throughout the United States military. And I realized that the stories were exactly what Marx was writing. ”

He continued to criticize work of 1619, which describes the effects of slavery in US history, as “anti-American” lies.

“It strongly teaches what I have heard from our country – that at a time when the country ratifies the United States Constitution, it establishes Western rule as the law of the land,” Lohmeier continued. “If you want to argue with this, then you have to start with all sorts of racism, including racism. It stems from the competitive ideology of Marxism.”

On Sunday, a security official told CNN that Lohmeier had been released on May 14 because he had “lost faith and confidence in leadership.” The commission’s opinion was based on its “recent podcast,” the official said, and it has opened the Command Directed Investigation to determine whether the comments “were politically motivated”. A senior DoD official told the public that the study would also review any information that would allow his book to be published for the first time. Lohmeier was temporarily changed, although his new role was not immediately known.

Fun: available Height, Height list State laws specifying exactly what politicians and civil servants can and cannot do. And these laws promote freedom of speech in accordance with the First Amendment. In fact, the DoD does not want to inadvertently associate with any candidate or political ideology on your behalf, so staff they should be especially vigilant when it comes to political debates, riots, and the wearing of government uniforms or the use of public transportation.

Now, folks, I know it all because I grew up to a large military area. That’s why I can see how the average person would read a headline about Lohmeier’s experience and start shouting about “freedom of speech!” What is difficult to understand is why politicians are in power as if these laws are strange. They may not even know the values ​​they were chosen to follow or they may have a goal to please their group. Or (as I think so) with one part A and a little B.

The Florida representative is the adulterer Matt Gaetz said on Twitter Sunday that he “wants to take action on the Military Committee.” He did not elaborate on the details, but encouraged his followers to buy Lohmeier’s new book.

“Lt. Col. Lohmeier is a patriotic young man who speaks the truth about trying to awaken our troops – and the worst, “Gaetz wrote.

Florida partner, Byron Donalds, wrote on Sunday that Lohmeier is a “hero” and criticized a sympathetic group that is trying to “stop him”. (I mean, if someone “stopped him” in this regard, they were his supervisors, and lastly I looked at what is simply called dismissal). Arizona Republican party chairman Kelli Ward he also rebuked her DoD’s idea is to call for “Marxism (ie #Communism)” in the national army to be removed.

All the weeping pearls go on and on for a week. What has happened to all the American wisdom of how if you don’t like your job, you just get another one?


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