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Apple Says Keeping Essential Mask In Apple Stores

A picture of an Apple article claims to be keeping school supplies in its stores despite recent CDC guidelines.

Figure: Mladen Antonov / AFP (Getty Images)

Last year and so on, one of the most unknown ways to determine the extent of the epidemic was to look at a talented giant: Apple. This may change, however. A a recent report states that Apple will continue to have a mask in its US stores Apple despite doing just that new direction from Causes of Disease Prevention and Prevention, which in recent days has vaccinated people with green light to remove masks in many areas.

Bloomberg reported this week Apple informed its U.S. stores that their work to hide faces and methods related to covid-19 is still in progress. Apple’s advice in its stores came soon The CDC released its decision on who will receive the vaccine on Thursday. However, Bloomberg said Apple is continuing to monitor health and safety. At the very least, it is still needed in everyone’s stores to hide.

Apple told the retailer that it was the first the first was the safety of workers and consumers. The company was one of the first best sellers to close its stores based on the epidemic and has been reopening them more frequently as well to close they when cases go up. It is necessary for everyone to wear masks in his stores throughout the epidemic.

Gizmodo spoke with Apple to confirm Bloomberg’s actions on Sunday but received no response when he published. We’ll make sure we update this blog if we hear.

Apple’s move was noticed right away compared to other commercial giants such as Walmart, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Publix, and Starbucks, which recently announced that they are finalizing face-to-face requirements unless they are required to do so in accordance with local or local guidelines. Apple was not the only one to warn them, however. USA Today says Target, Walgreens, and Kroger retained their sense of humor instead, though some of them said they were also reviewing CDC guidelines.

Considering how Apple responded to the epidemic, his opinion is that maybe having a mask in its stores is not really surprising. Some experts he wondered and the speed of the CDC election, while some are still worried that anti-vaxxers may lie about their vaccitheir type and put others, such as front-line workers and people who will not be vaccinated, at risk.

At the end of the day, Apple is business business and can install the masks in his house if he wishes to. Even his actions could not be so let’s find out the truth about the plague, we have it names sources because of that.

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