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Sony wants to bring ‘popular’ phones on the PlayStation


Sony hasn’t done much with PlayStation games unless you read one episode Anonymous: Fortune Hunter, but this may change soon. Chasing he cried notice that Sony is recruitment great at PlayStation Studios who would consider bringing the PlayStation’s “most famous franchises” to the phone. While the ads surprisingly did not specify roles or times, the new Mobile Theme has introduced a three- to five-year strategy.

The company has been actively trying to make the PlayStation model with mobile phones, although to no avail. With the exception of a few games, Sony’s most popular experiments are Xperia Play – “PlayStation phone” which was ahead of its time (witness phones play like ROG Phone 5) but commercial sales. The name of the PlayStation Mobile is well connected to PC ports like Extreme Zero Dawn.

It’s not hard to see why Sony might visit phones. It can bring the PlayStation genre to a wider audience and, of course, earns a profit from buying apps. Positions like Four men, PUBG and Products They have more debt when they play sports. The problem, of course, lies in this approach. The game should switch phones without losing what makes them unique at your consolation. They can be successful if they feel like ports of water or money.


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