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NASA is delaying the Mars flight to April 14th


You have to wait a while to see NASA Mars Helicopter in the work. The agency has done it’s too late Ingenuity’s first trip to “soon” on April 14th after being tested on April 9th ​​failed. The fastest test is completed before the passage of time (which means to achieve technical difficulties) is completed when the helicopter is changed to flying mode.

NASA confirmed that the intelligence was “safe and healthy,” and that it was monitoring telemetry from the vehicle so that all could understand what had happened and determine when the first flight would take place.

The first flight was scheduled for early April 11th. If the process continues, the flight will be about 30 minutes after 10 feet. Four more flights are expected to last more than 30 days.

This is not what NASA wants. The mission team has every incentive to be careful, however. The test represents the first time a car has traveled over the Martian – doing well here will provide an opportunity for future explorers.


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