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So Can Flash Run faster Than Light Running?

Done, the Snyder cut for Justice League. What about the session with Flash? This is not destructive, because Flash does this at times: It has to run faster than the speed of lightning to go back in time to warn the Justice League of something.

Obviously there are a lot of physical questions that are answered, so let’s take a look.

What Is the Key to Almost Light?

It is easy to understand that the speed is limited. If you were traveling 1 m / s inside a train traveling at 10 m / s, then someone in the parking lot would see you speeding between 9 and 11 m / s (depending on the route you are taking). But our thoughts about running faster are based on our experiences and moving things around. Here’s the important part — almost every moving object is moving slowly. Yes, that big plane is slow to take off. Even a rocket to the moon is slow. Everything is slow-slower compared to light speeds, which have a value of around 3 x 108 Ms. We often represent this race as unchanging c.

And very quickly, things are a little different. It turns out that even if you don’t have any frame, you will measure a value equal to the speed of light. Let me give you a scary example to see how this works.

Suppose you live on Earth with a flashlight. In your descriptive frame (let’s call it Frame A), Earth is stable, and when you turn on the light you measure its speed as c. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Now there is a man in the sky moving on the earth half the speed of light (0.5c). Let’s call this plane the base of B. According to the base of Frame B it stands for, but the Earth is moving straight 0.5.c.

What about the speed test of light from base B? Since the light comes from the Earth, and the Earth seems to be moving at 0.5c, would it not make the light appear to be moving at 1.5c? No. It doesn’t work that way. It turns out that Frame B WHICH also tests the speed of standard lighting c. It is an important point in Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Save Time and Speed ​​of Light

Do you know what happens when two different people on different files measure the screening rate? Strange things happen and that’s how we view time. We call it multiplication time. Let me explain this with an example above – a white watch. Just imagine you have a watch, and the “ticks” are flying slowly between the two mirrors. If you are at the same time (speed) as the indicator clock, then the time of “tick” 1 will be the distance between the split mirror and the speed of light (speed).c).

Now imagine that you see another bright clock, but this one is on a train (with windows for viewing inside). The space shuttle is moving very fast – about half the speed of light (0.5c). You can see the monitor in real time just moving c, since everyone sees the light at that speed. But within each “tick”, this light not only moves in the center of the mirror but also moves forward as the glass moves alongside the space shuttle.

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