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Covid-19 Vaccine Passports Coming. What Will This Mean?

“What happens when they want to show that they have been vaccinated to enter a store or a store, and that’s not what their phone can do?” asks Maimuna Majumder, a member of the Computational Health Informatics Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. “I don’t think anyone who is trying to develop a smartphone app for a vaccine passport is thinking about those lenses. This allows you to have redesigned solutions, which may not be necessary from a software application. ”

It is important to note that people who do not have mobile phones also, in many cases, live in groups that have difficulty accessing vaccines — and, in particular, members of rights groups. disbelief that the US government is thinking about their lives.

“We need to make sure we don’t make the difference that already exists in our body,” said Justin Beck, founder of Contakt World, which works with the PathCheck Foundation to research and adopt vaccine programs. “This is not just about using smartphones, saying: What if people are illiterate? What if they don’t speak English? What if they have good reasons not to be vaccinated? Passports tell a lot about the financial burden of continuing to use mobile phones. a lot of time and resources to deal with. “

But a few groups are not the only US states that face difficulties in getting vaccinated and may not qualify for a passport. Children did not deserve to be shot; there has been a delay in the middle pregnant women; and the Catholic bishops has risen to deny for one of the approved vaccines. In addition, the availability of vaccines has varied according to the government so that many older people who want to be vaccinated are not yet eligible. Until he shoots, he won’t have a passport, either.

Part of the problem of stigma and privacy concerns: How much information about the vaccine is stored and how much of the incentive will be inconsistent? This is exactly what is being saved connected programs since its widespread use in the US last year. Soon Everyday Life is transformed Collaborating with Divya Ramjee, a forensic investigator and director at the American University’s Center for Security, Innovation, and New Technology, Majumder says people of color may face requests to disclose their privacy in order to receive government assistance or because they are among a group of tourists who need to be investigated. . Any program that feels like the same attack will face rejection, he predicts.

The vaccine-passport negotiations sounded like a sudden turn of events, perhaps because, to date, governments have been more preoccupied with creating more protocols than the speculation about life on the remote side of the vaccine. But if passports are designed to achieve global economic and social well-being in countries, they must adhere to the standards of digital identity and cooperation that are universally accepted — and this debate is now under way.

“Governments are still trying to do their thing, because they see the need to have data, not really realizing that you can create a system in one country, but someone else has to get the data from there,” he says. Chami Akmeemana, CEO of, whose vaccine certified vaccine is Trybe.ID was approved by the Singapore government. “At the moment there is not much movement.”

The drawback of vaccine passports, or whatever it may be, is that the tool to unite the world after it is closed can be a closed space while only certain programs are accepted, only certain types of vaccines are accepted, only some records are available. Such hazards make it possible to move with caution. Otherwise, Mr. Phelan says, “this could jeopardize global peace, as well as the unity that would be needed to eradicate the disease.”

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