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‘Skyrim’ and ‘Sopranos’ Meme Universes Clash


do you remember the show in The Sopranos? You know, when Tony and Johnny Sack made snow and just about to come back and talk about killing wild animals, in hindsight they come close to the worst thing a terrorist can see while chatting with someone. among the leaders of the five families: destruction, level-30 Frost Dragon?

If you don’t, it’s probably because it was never aired. Or, at least, not on HBO. It’s a YouTuber job Pertinax, who for the past year have been cracking down Sopranos names from New Jersey and released in the Bethesda areas — in particular Skyrim, but a little New Vegas, too. On its way, you will see terrorists hunting for the unsightly White Bird and criticism dining room weeping mabadi. You will see Tony put on his coat, fleeing NPCs across Whiterun streets. You will see comments like “You woke up this morning, you got yourself a sword. Mama always said you were going to be Dragonborn.” For some types of fans, it’s a good time to be online.

Pertinax (and her followers) have a creative writer’s ability to draw two different countries: Their videos are fun, like sitcom crossovers. It’s a clever, clever description of how pop culture is made in the 21st century. At a time when it has become impossible to separate traditional antiquities from what they make – just think of the wonderful afterlife. The Simpsons‘ma hams dry– meme universes are now canons for themselves. And they combine, creating a variety of possibilities in a time when even the biggest show. The Sopranos can be reduced to its images that spread online.

Pertinax, who requested anonymity, says his approach SopranosSkyrim mashups came while making Medieval 2 and Rome Total War “watch movies,” clips that summarize the game, or some of them. They steal memes and testimonials from every video and were happy to see people in the comments release them. This led him directly The Sopranos and its world famous for its unpleasant and beautiful malapropisms inside the murder. Players in The Sopranos too strange emotion, so it is easy to put them in new situations; The Bethesda Games, filled with beautiful scenery, were a combination.

The video, Pertinax says, is easy to make, but it takes time: “First, come up with an idea, then click on the characters on the screen, and then write down the impressions. Skyrim which corresponds to the angles of the camera. “

In many ways, what Pertinax is doing is not unusual. Machine-makers of video editors built into computer graphics engines in the 1990s — and the precursor. The same goes for most of the online stuff. Memes, says Anastasia Denisova, a teacher at Westminster School of Media and Communication, “does well on remixes,” and thus they argue. The Sopranos and Skyrim is no different from “mashups found in Hollywood, Broadway, and British panto.” Online culture always takes inconsistent evidence and combines it into a fun mess: soon after the two major “memes-verses” collide.


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