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MIT researchers develop an AI system that can make robots more efficient at handling objects


When most of us pick up something, we should not think about how we can handle it. It is something that comes naturally to us as we learn to run the world. It is something that helps young children to be smarter with their hands than even the most advanced robots available today.

But that can quickly change. A team of scientists from MIT’s has developed a system that can one day give robots the same kind of technology. Application of a The AI ​​algorithm, developed an experimental, anthropomorphic arm capable of handling over 2,000 objects. In addition, the system did not need to know what it was about to carry in order to find a navigation system in its hands.

This system is not designed to be used on earth. To get started, the team needs to transfer to a real robot. It won’t be as much of an obstacle as you might think. Earlier this year, we saw researchers from the University of Zhejiang and the University of Edinburgh successfully transfer the method of promoting AI to their robot dog. . The system enabled the robot to learn to walk and to recover on its own.

As things stand, the system is not perfect. It can also handle many small items, including items such as tennis balls and apples, which are almost 100 percent effective, but tools such as screwdrivers and scissors are more difficult. When it comes to such items, the interest rate is about 30 percent. However, the potential for the system is great. It may one day make robots more efficient at maneuvering weapons and making them more efficient at work like portable boxes.

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