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SiriusXM purchases podcast design ‘99% Invisible ‘

SiriusXM has it acquired 99% Invisible Inc.., a company that is behind the well-known design and architecture Podcast of the same name. The two did not disclose the agreement. However, the deal will show recipient, producer and producer Roman Mars and 13 other collaborators to join Stitcher, a podcasting platform SiriusXM that was purchased last year $ 325 million. Mars continues to offer its comforting words in production, in addition to working in new fields. In the meantime, the 99pi team continues to produce What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law, as well as working on new things.

If you already have 99% Invisible subscribers, the good news is that you don’t have to move to another program to listen to the show. SiriusXM will continue to send new shares to all existing platforms. That being said, Mars said New York Times companies can see the difference in the lineup. For reasons he decided to sell the company, Mars says he wants to start over. “Most of my work has been running a business without making a podcast,” he wrote in Twitter threads available. “I really wanted to change.”

Purchase SiriusXM for 99% Invisible Inc. eliminates the time to actively connect in the podcasting market. Amazon will announce its plan have a Wondery, there were not many independent players left on the site. Radios, the author of Mars Mars podcasting released in 2014, was one of the few. It will continue to operate independently, with Mars donating $ 1 million to the network to continue its work.

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