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Save 14% on speaker over Bluetooth from TREBLAB

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Summer has arrived, and yours may be packed with outdoor activities, such as camping and barbecues. Nothing brings these trips together like a regular playlist for you to enjoy, which is why you should consider bringing a Bluetooth speaker to your next page.

A great speaker can change the way you listen to your music. Even the music you have been listening to for years may have hidden parts that you did not know existed. TREBLAB HD-Max has what you look for, providing deep, clear sound. And right now selling for $ 162, or 14 percent discount.

The TREBLAB HD-Max comes with three-dimensional audio that produces a wide range of volume to suit your environment, whether you use it indoors or outdoors. This also makes it ideal for adjusting the bass and volume on certain types of music. The speaker has a power output of 50W, making a lot of noise while having five full battery life or up to 20 hours at a rate of only 30 percent. You can charge with any electric bank connected to the USB power as soon as the power drops.

This Bluetooth speaker is easy to use and is designed to give you the opportunity to listen without interrupting your music. With a wireless connector up to 33, you don’t have to worry about always sticking to HD-Max. Just set up your next picnic or on the beach and you should go.

In this regard, TWS TREBLAB technology allows you to combine multiple HD-Maxes at the same time, so that you can create an audio disc as you go out and amplify the sound and rotate the sound. Lastly, it is waterproof IPX6, which means it reacts with water and moisture – so you can use it in the rain, in the pool or in the shower without fear of damage.

Give yourself a powerful, portable battery with a lot of battery life and TREBLAB HD-Max. The speaker is is currently selling for $ 162, from $ 189.

Prices may change.

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