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Samsung will not replace Tizen with Android TV

Google surprised Wear OS fans this week when it announced it was working on a modified version of the operating system with the help of Samsung. As part of the deal, Samsung’s future outfits will be introduced with the new app instead of Tizen, its OS with a smartwatch. The announcement led people to speculate that the company could also launch Tizen instead of Android TV. As he said earlier Protocol, Samsung has now closed that idea.

“Tizen is still an unchanging platform for our smart TVs going forward,” a company spokesman told Engadget.

It is no surprise here that Samsung does not have major upgrades in place. The company is one of the largest and most successful brands on the site, and the TV market is very diverse with clothing. TV scanners come with it which attracts many customers buying options. Growth, display and, above all, price play a very important role in purchasing.

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