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Rockstar also draws GTA trilogy on PC

PC type of seems to have some serious problems at the moment. Load – remastered Collection GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas . However, at the time of writing, a “The title here is not available in your country or region.” Console players can still purchase on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch digital stores.

Rockstar Games

According to , who bought the head on a PC before it disappeared with can’t play it per minute. Rockstar removed the old three-game models from pre-PC stores.

In addition to the difficulties of the printers, Rockstar Launcher has been for about 24 hours “repairs” – Unsightly when Rockstar just released a new series of its best known games. That means Rockstar PC games like Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead online none. Store, cloud services, download and confirmation systems are also down.

“Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to redesign Rockstar Games Launcher operations and supported roles,” Rockstar said. Friday morning. Engadget joined Rockstar Games for comment.

Some fans have said so showed frustration on the form of remasters, with pictures of glitches and buggy videos coming. One player posted a video of the storm inside San Andreas which made it difficult to see anything around CJ.

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