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Rock’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ will arrive on Disney + on the same day as the theater


Nearly two years from the last release date, Disney has finally brought in Dwayne’s favorite movie “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt Jungle River to a summer movie theater. Extras, such as Mulan, Raya is the Last Dragon, Black Widow and Cruella, you will be able to watch it at home the same day when it comes to movies.

If you are Disney + subscribers, you will be able to pay an additional $ 30 for the Premier Access Pass to secure it Jungle River where you stay when the July 30 video is released. According to Deadline, filmmakers have decided to publish simultaneously and produce theaters because many movies in major markets like Europe and Brazil remain closed due to the epidemic. Even in theaters, many people are wary of going to the movies when they can just watch it at home.

You should not expect Disney to follow the path of Premier Access in the end. Deadline he says the company is looking to “revive the theater business.” Disney could have more to share at this point in a bid to host them on Thursday. In the meantime, like other Premier Access movies, Jungle River may be available to those who have subscribed to Disney + as a regular subscription section at another time.

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