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Riot Games eliminates $ 100 million racism lawsuits

Riot Games have taken place he agreed to pay $ 100 million to settle a lawsuit filed in November 2018 by former co-workers against gender discrimination, harassment and retaliation. The League of Legends publisher only pays $ 10 million a year initial installation in 2019, but the California department of Fair Employment and Housing went to court to cancel the agreement. $ 10 million was very little, and the organization argued, and women who sue the company can be fined up to $ 400 million.

The case was filed by Melanie McCracken and Jess Negrón after a Kotaku Report revealed about the developers of “men-first” and “bro” corporate culture. In the report, Kotaku details of what employees are experiencing in the company, such as “nakedness” and senior executives going through a list of potential sexual partners. One former employee who left the company because of sexual misconduct said that working for Riot was like “working in a large group.”

Under the ruling, $ 80 million will go to prosecutors, while $ 20 million will go to prosecutors’ fees. All employees and contractors in California who are known to be women and who work at Riot in mid-November 2014 to this day should be paid. Those who have been with the company for a long time will earn more than new employees. And there are many newcomers – while only about 1,000 employees were eligible for pay in 2019, now there are about 2,300 eligible. In his statement, the manufacturer said The Washington Post:

“Three years ago, Riot was at the center of what became popular in our companies. We had to deal with the fact that although we had good intentions, we did not always have good morals. As a company we stood at a crossroads. We can apologize, correct any mistakes, and make better decisions. We decided this … We hope the settlement will give a fair hearing to those who have experienced difficulties in Riot. “

In addition to paying $ 100 million, Riot Games is also required to find a third-party expert to perform “male and female surveys on all pay, employment and promotions in California.” Violence should also allow for the disclosure of payments and should be supervised by another person, who will oversee matters such as HR complaints and pay equally, for three years. The supervisor should be able to recommend changes to the company that Riot can set up.

Genie Harrison, a women’s rights lawyer who represented the complainants, said in a statement:

“This is a wonderful day for Riot Games – and for women in all video and tech companies – who deserve a workplace free of harassment and discrimination. Together with DFEH and DLSE, Riot’s courageous women who carried the torch of justice have found the results they represent. . “

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