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Rhodes electric piano has come back with a higher price

After months of laughter, the well-known Rhodes piano is back, and the Rhodes Music Group open pre-orders for the new version of MK8 Wednesday. It costs $ 9,450 eye drops. And it’s just the price of the model below. Want a transparent rad dress? It’s an additional $ 575. What about a walnut shell? Add $ 1,095 plus.

With all the extras, you can expect to pay $ 12,640 for one MK8. That’s a lot when you consider you can get the old Rhodes for less than $ 2,500, and they’re still very valuable.

If the price of MK8 does not threaten you, we urge you to buy one as much as you can. When each is assembled manually at the company’s factory in Leeds, England, Rhodes expects to produce about 500 MK8 units by 2022. You can take up space on the line for a full payment or add a 20 percent deposit. Preamp-only shipping will begin in the first quarter of 2022, with the first phase to follow before the second half of the year.

It is hard to say for sure how important the Rhodes piano has been in the history of well-known contemporary music. It was important in the evolution of jazz and rock and roll in the 60s, and and only some musicians have used the instrument to create excellent music. More recently, it has caused its presence to hear tracks from and . And now it has the opportunity to inspire new generation of musicians.

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