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‘Residence Evil: Infinite Darkness’ kicks off on Netflix July 8th

After constant harassment and revelation, we finally have a release date with the official Netflix trailer Resident Evil hyouka oreki anime bed Resident Evil: Eternal Darkness will have viewers following what Claire and Leon did in the 3DCG.

As we learned last month, the plot of the series is taking place following the events of Evil One 4, so it should be clear to movie fans who need something to fill their time after experiencing it all Bad City to Live. See a full summary of the figures below, as well as a valid caravan that illuminates well which is coming our way will start on July 8th.

Six years ago (2000), a U.S. special forces helicopter involved in the Penamstan civil war crashed into the air. The U.S. Army Mad Dogs, who were in the same prison, refused to order from the commanding headquarters to stand up and instead went to the rescue of the survivors. However, special groups had already been eliminated. The Crazy Dogs, led by their boss Jason, were also forced to flee for their lives.

However, at that scene, Jason and his team saw other groups that were said to be dead moving in a strange way …

At the moment (2006), a robbery is taking place on the White House high-profile file. Four aides, including Leon S. Kennedy and Jason, “Hero of Penamstan,” are being invited to the White House to investigate the matter. However, when the lights go out abruptly, they are forced to pick up more unmanned firearms beside the SWAT team. Subsequently, a highly confidential file is found to be related to the biology laboratory in Shanghai, which Leon and three other consultants select to determine the answers. On their way to Shanghai by train, an army like the Bio Organic Weapons (BOW) attacks them suddenly, causing them to live or die.

Meanwhile, living in Penamstan to help refugees, Terra Save staff member Claire Redfield encounters a strange photo taken by a speechless boy. Impressed by this picture, which seems to portray an HIV-positive person, Claire begins her research. Later they find the horrific experiment that took place during the civil war in Penamstan. Leon and Claire are closer to the unspeakable truth that all started in Penamstan. They have also found that the threat of peace is slowly approaching …

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