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Rescue Team Strikes DC Police – Then Encouraged to Take


It’s been a busy week. There is so much to discover. But before you continue reading, please take a minute to make sure you do has upgraded your iPhone to iOS 14.5. Once you have it, use its new AppTrackingTransparency app to tell Facebook and other companies to stop tracking your activity on apps and other sites. Instead, they all have to give you a chance, whether you like it or not. What then? Get out.

This is not the only Apple that has changed this week. On Monday the company also released a patch patch for macOS that the hackers were actively using it to spread adware on Macs. The problem was not in the macOS security, but in the mind of the machine, and it would allow almost any program to pass through. Security analysts also reported Apple’s performance AirDrop publishes email addresses and phone numbers– but no problem is coming to that yet.

VPN hacks are very threatening organizations in recent years, especially since the vast majority of the workforce has come a long way. The problem has reached its climax, with errors in Pulse Secure VPNs that led to government agencies, financial institutions, and even larger targets, possibly with several Chinese government-sponsored groups. It wasn’t as bad as that redemption, which the new covenant hopes to tackle through a good old-fashioned partnership with the government. Which, well, all good!

IRS investigators followed and caught the manager of Bitcoin Fog, the longest-running online online payment service. And Google’s cookie control program is in the face of regression in the European Union.

And there is more! Each week we go around all the WIRED issues not mentioned in detail. Click on the headings to read all the articles. And stay safe out there.

It has been a wild week or so for the Babuk redemption team. First he allegedly stole 250 GB of data from the Metropolitan Police department, plus some anonymous informants. Then he says he is retiring together. He then rectifies what he says he is just giving up part of the ransom so that he can continue to take it all the time. What a wonderful trip! In fact, you can see many redemption methods that change in their limited space: dangerous attacks, a watch out for data theft instead of writing them secretly, and all publications which attempts to present a technical picture.

In what should be an intellectual stimulus case and an outrageous criticism of the drug in the US, a security analyst has earned $ 50,000 in prize money just hours after researching the hardships to help pay for the heartbeat his unborn child will need when he arrives. He and a friend who helped diagnose the virus deposited a portion of the money into a GoFundMe account that ultimately went up to $ 31,000.

In practice, the NSA maintains a wide range of external communication channels. The FBI appears to be infiltrating a cookie jar in search of links to criminals who cause discrimination without obtaining permission. The Daily Beast reported that a judge in the Supreme Court had repeatedly criticized the agency for violating its rules.

Problem of More places are available for both legal practitioners and secret agents has already been established. But Wall Street Journal this week looked at how the information he collected and programmed and passed on to third-party partners could be used to identify the whereabouts of U.S. military personnel. The report looks at developments in Syria, in particular, a few years ago, as the US withdrew from the country. But it does provide some insight into how many closed-ended cell phone users are giving each day.

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