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Home Geography: The Best Gear for Working at Home (2021)


Long before I did I was forced to stay home last summer, and I spend most of my time… indoors. Ine built on PC back to college (with the help of friends), and since then I’ve continued to renovate my home offices — changing desks, keyboards, monitors, and much more.

When everyone is compelled except for one because of corona virus epidemic, I realized that most people do not have a home plan like mine. The plague is still raging, and so are the people receiving vaccination, it is possible for some kind of remote work to remain here for many people. As a result, my friends who have the opportunity to work hard at home, below are a few options that will make the job a success. Almost everything selected here has been tested by WIRED’s Gear.

Updated April 2021: I have added a few new features, such as the Cushion Labs cushion cushion and the K3 Ultra-Slim Keychron keyboard. We have gone through each section and changed copies, links, and prices and removed old items.

Tools You May Need

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You need a Good Laptop or PC

MacBook Air with M1.

Photo: Apple

We assume you have a laptop or desktop of some kind, either your device or what you brought from work. If not, check out ours Best Laptops, Cheap Laptops, Best Chromebooks, and MacBooks Winners leaders. Our part is slowly a laptop buyer guide can also help. If you are looking for a desktop PC, we have an idea with instructions because game PCs that have already been built it might be helpful, or you can make your own.


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