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Remedy is making a shot that is compatible with Tencent

Remedy Entertainment has added another project to his busy dance card. The studio is working with Tencent on a free co-op shooter Vanguard (nothing related to the latest Call of Duty game).

The anti-environmental theme (PVE) brings “Remedy expertise and game play to a multiplayer game,” the founder said. It makes PC games a console, but there may have been times when Remedy showed up. Vanguard, since it is still part of the evidence evidence.

Remedy will publish the game in many countries, although Tencent will be known for publishing in other Asian markets. Companies combine money Vanguard, which will be a live game that is updated frequently. Remedy and Tencent will pay for their printing and labor costs, and give each other a refund for their development.

In addition, Tencent has developed and produced a range of phones Vanguard, which is the original knowledge of Remedy. The Chinese group will provide funding for development and distribution, and will share funds with Remedy.

Vanguard is the first remedy for Remedy to enter the Games-as-a-Service business, hosted by our top team of free-to-play professionals. We are building something new and exciting for many athletes, beyond the power of Remedy, “Remedy CEO Tero Virtala said in a statement.Vanguard is a global opportunity, and Tencent is able to support Remedy worldwide, and lead operations in Asia and the mobile markets. “

Remedy has several other games on its list. Back in June, that he announced co-op PVE games based on risks Control, and what sounds like a big-budget approach. Earlier this month, the studio confirmed its production Alan Wake 2, the result of the 2010 cult classic that Remedy has been released again this year. The developer also works on one of the first-person shooter games Images of CrossfireX.

As for Tencent, the long-term contract is based on the long-term competitive sport that the company created in 2021. to buy or participate in more than 100 sports-related businesses this year. Recently, Tencent he found Return 4 Blood maker of Turtle Rock Studios.

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