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Rahm Emanuel has been appointed US ambassador to Japan


Joe Biden has appointed Rahm Emanuel, a former party member and mayor of Chicago, as US ambassador to Japan, according to eight people familiar with the White House staff talks.

The US president has named Emanuel, Barack Obama’s former chief of staff and a close ally of Biden, this month in a large group of nominees for the new prime minister, several people said.

Foreign experts expected Emanuel, 61, to be promoted. People thought he was being considered as China’s ambassador but the job should go to Nick Burns, the former US ambassador.

Tokyo is one of Washington’s top priorities, especially as the US and Japan work together to address the Chinese crisis. Demonstrating the importance of their unity, the Prime Minister of Japan was the first foreign leader to meet Biden at the White House.

Emanuel will raise the issue of sending lawmakers to Japan, which Tokyo has praised because it is rumored to have gravitas and access to the White House.

Bill Clinton sent Walter Mondale, a former filmmaker and vice-president, and then Tom Foley, a former House Speaker, to Tokyo. George W Bush nominated Howard Baker, a former Senate president. The last ambassador to Tokyo was Caroline Kennedy, who served in Obama’s second term and was the daughter of John F Kennedy.

“From seeing Tokyo, the most sought after [after] The US ambassador to Japan is close to the president, “said Mireya Solís, a Japanese specialist at the Brookings Institution.”

Emanuel, a well-known Democrat who is known for his brutality, worked at Clinton White House for a number of positions, including director of politics. He was elected to Parliament but left in 2009 when Obama elected him as their first president, a position he held for less than two years.

After leaving the White House, he held two jobs as mayor of Chicago before being elected never run again. The ruling follows criticism of how the city changed its approach to killing dangerous police officers for a black youth in 2014. In interview with Financial Times in 2019, he said his decision was personal but added that a third political statement was “bitten”.

Emanuel was criticized for what happened last year when he thought Biden was considering him as a prime minister, suggesting he could run for office in the Senate.

People’s interest sometimes cruelty African Americans and white police are also growing since Emanuel’s resignation.

Solís said Emanuel’s hearing would be monitored because his tenure as mayor of Chicago had sparked controversy with some Democrats. He also said that while Tokyo would appreciate its relationship with Biden, there were some “fears” due to its reputation.

Emanuel’s grandmother moved to Russia and his father is from Israel. His brother, Zeke, is an oncologist who was part of the Biden team he set up before entering office to deal with Covid-19. His other brother, Ari, is a Talent assistant in Hollywood which was an anointing of a man who was shown on TV Encouraging.

Biden has not yet nominated ambassadors to major US agencies. Emanuel and the White House declined to comment.

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