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PS5 and Xbox Series X / S: One-year comparison

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S started a year ago this month, and today we are planning a birthday party for them. The main attraction is a 20-minute video discussion of the good, the bad and the future of comfort, run by PS5 lover and Engadget editor Jessica Conditt, and Xbox Series X lover and editor-in-chief Devindra Hardawar. There is also a cake! (No cake. Seriously, you should know this by now.)

This is not about deciding which console wins an invisible battle, or knowing which company is launching the most or best games. Instead, I openly discuss what each contractor is doing well, where it is declining, and what we expect to see from every environment in the coming year. And then there’s the cake! (No, no. Come now.)

For more on the technical aspects of consoles in their first year, see our six-month report. If you are a PS5 or Xbox Series owner, let us know how these systems work for you in the comments below.

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