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Problems in Lebanon, New Black Wall Street, Venus and squid space | Flight Issues

Welcome to the week of numbers, where we publish great financial and business news for the week to entertain you and your friends.

We started in June with big news to find a new Black Wall Street 100 years after the assassination of the Tulsa in the United States; Lebanon’s decline to what could be one of the world’s three biggest economic crises in 150 years; and in any unemployment dispute around the world, among others.

So pour out another cup of coffee (or pick up the one you forgot from the microwave) and fix your thumb.

$ 100

The amount that starts with counting money encourages black investors to invest in Bitcoin, calling the cryptocurrency “a good platform for our people to create assets that will not collapse”.

The goal of New Black Wall Street LLC was launched in memory of those killed in Tulsa, Oklahoma during one of the biggest protests in U.S. history 100 years ago – a burning riot known as Black Wall Street. The start of the crypto industry is the only black community-sponsored organization sponsored by Ben Piven of Al Jazeera. See full article Pano.


The gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in Lebanon, which is growing at a rate that could be one of the world’s three biggest economic crises in 150 years.

“Such brutality and brutality are often linked to conflicts or wars,” the World Bank warned in its latest Lebanon Economic Monitor, published Tuesday. The report said nothing in criticism of Lebanese political leaders, and that government officials had deliberately failed to respond to the country’s financial crisis, the COVID-19 epidemic and the Port of Beirut explosion last year. Read the full story Pano.


The total number of American children who lost a single parent due to COVID-19 by February, according to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics. As the US reaches its peak of 600,000 COVID-19 deaths, the number has grown. In addition to the depression, children who have lost a parent are at greater risk for mental illness, stress at school, and economic instability that has plagued them for years, researchers say.

Al Jazeera spoke with three women about the fathers of the deceased and how they help in helping their children cope with the financial challenges of raising single children. Read the full story Pano and if you want to listen to the podcast, click the player below.

75 million

The crisis stems from the labor crisis in 2021, according to a new International Labor Organization (ILO) report released Wednesday.

Two regions – Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe and Central Asia – have been hit hard by ongoing job losses. Less coronavirus vaccination and the spread of viruses in some parts of the world have made the recurrence of the global epidemic even more lethal, and the ILO says this is worsening before, with further deterioration until 2022. Read the full story Pano.

Mexico’s tourism industry is looking forward to a return to a challenging 2020, but the United States’ new demise for domestic pilots could hurt the minds of growing Mexican companies. [File: Emilio Espejel/AP Photo]


The group that the US Federal Aviation Administration fired Mexican airlines has raised concerns that Mexican airlines are missing out on a chance to search for tourists because they could not extend flights to the US.

About 10.5 million American tourists visit Mexico in one year, and tourism is 8.7% economically in Mexico, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. And what will the FAA downgrade mean in Mexico? Ann Deslandes of Al Jazeera has the whole story Pano.

$ 500m

Funds that NASA plans to provide two services to Venus between 2028 and 2030 – DAVINCI + (Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble Gases, Chemistry and Imaging) and VERITAS (Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR, Topography and Spectroscopy).

Aside from their dangerous names, the two ministries are a big deal because it has been decades since the United States Air Force last visited the “world” of the brethren. Read this article Pano.

Bobtail squid is part of the Animal-Microbe Interaction (UMAMI) experiment that will be launched at the International Space Station [Courtesy: Isaac Watson/NASA]


Pounds (3,311kg) of scientific experiments, new solar panels and other preparations for the reconstruction of SpaceX Dragon launched Thursday from the US via the International Space Station, according to NASA.

Some of the experiments that took place: bobtail squid and the bacteria they call home. These experiments were performed to study the effects of airborne pathogens on the interactions between microbes and their animals. Also a free ticket to the air for small cephalopods that do not actually come out. We are so happy for them – take more pictures!

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