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2K is said to be planning Marvel ‘XCOM’ games with the Borderlands

New rumors suggest that 2K is counting on a number of roles including Marvel games from their partners, with XCOM studio, Firaxis and Borderlands spinner starring Tiny Tina. Scuttlebutt is a thing of a series of game releases posted on Reddit and later verified by Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier, according to History of Video Games.

Although the XCOM series traces its roots in the 90’s, 2K brought Firaxis back to the forefront. XCOM: Anonymous Enemy in 2012. The spinner shooter released several episodes, including a prequel called Bureau: XCOM Mentioned and its consequences XCOM 2 and XCOM: Chimera Group.

But, the flexibility of the style of the system can also make it suitable for Marvel winners, anyone who prides themselves on their talent. Some of the most popular records from this period are Ubisoft’s Mario + Rabbids War of the Empire, crossover released on Nintendo switchch in 2017. And, before that, a Fire Sign list of magical sim equipment. By casting the popular Marvel heroes in the XCOM combination, 2K is able to capture a new audience.

As for Border areas spinoff, the series released by Wonderlands by star Tiny Tina, a fan favorite who first appeared in the second game and has been in the major leagues since then. She also plays with Ariana Greenblatt (of Love and Animals fame) future Border areas Video from schlock jockey Eli Roth.

Border areas Gearbox software soon embedded and the printing of the giant Embracer, a growing company that has been fierce shooting independent studios. At the time of the sale, Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford said he would continue to run the company and work with 2K as a publisher on the Borderlands list.

In addition, the loss indicates that 2K will be releasing a new game called “Cthulhu meets Saints Row,” which rumor has it that it may be the product of Mafia Hangar 13. Reports has already indicated that the studio is working with a new IP that is believed to be an open source platform in the world. All of this has to do with the disgusting HP Lovecraft thing, however, and it’s a consideration for everyone.

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